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Why do I think this is necessary?

I have been using kratom for over a year. I use it for recreational purposes and have since convinced a few others to try it. While I have nailed down the proper dose for myself among various strains, it usually isn't accurate for someone else. Often, a new user will have a very problematic experience on his/her first time due to over-dosing, or under-dosing. Kratom can have very unique effects on an individual for varying doses, even in small increments. This can usually cause an individual to write it off for either having no effects at all, or overwhelming sedative effects (or throwing up, passing out, etc), neither of which are desirable or the usual intended outcome.


Through all the research I've done online, from looking at "dosing charts" to the "amount of tablespoons" I should consume... nothing was ever accurate until I went through months of trial and error. This website is an attempt to reduce the trial and error period for first time users and for experienced users looking to try new strains, as well as assist in harm reduction across the board.

While the current sample size is small, I hope that over time this website can grow to become a quick reference guide for users looking to reduce negative side-effects, and get the most out of their kratom.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you were able to derive some value out of this simple tool!

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